Once again, yesterday morning, (Wednesday rush-hour in Turkey time) the capital of Turkey, Ankara was shaken by a deadly suicide bombing and a series of smaller scale terrorist attacks in south east Turkey since then.

This time the shuttle busses carrying military personel was targeted in the heart of Ankara. According to Turkish media, the total number of deaths at these attacks exceeds 38 people many of whom are military personnel, and also more than 61 people are seriously injured.

As ATA Alliance, we pass our condolences to their loved ones and families. 

We also condemn this henious terror attacks with strongest possible terms.

These attacks once again prove that we live in an age where no single nation is prone from terrorism. We call to the Australian Government and Turkey’s other NATO allies to be one voice against terrorism, wether it is in Paris or in Ankara, and wether it is perpetrated by ISIS or PKK-PYD.

ATA Alliance