Armenia’s top prosecutor, Gevorg Kostanian declares courts not competent to make legal rulings.

The European Court of Human Rights is expected to announce the final verdict on the appeal of the decision of the Second Chamber on Perincek vs. Switzerland until the end of this year. ECHR recently ruled against a Swiss court’s decision to sentence a Turkish academician of Law, Dr Dogu Perincek because of his views against the Armenian Lobby’s allegations. On the appeal court he was persecuted by the Celebrity Barristers Geoffrey Robertson and Amal Clooney, hired by the Armenian government. reported on Friday that the Armenian Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanian declared that courts not competent to make legal rulings at a speech in the Armenian National Assembly.

On his speech Kostanian declared that he doesn’t find the Genocide issue a matter falling within the ECHR’s jurisdiction. He also said that Pope’s recognition of “the genocide” was more important than the court rulings.

Armenia’s Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanian said “The European Court of Human Rights is not the body that will assert whether there has been an Armenian Genocide or not.” he added.

In that case we wonder why did they even turn up and paid millions of dollars to these celebrity barristers?

Pope’s Tricks

The Argentinian Armenian lobby influenced Pope made some one-sided divisive remarks, calling the events of 1915 “the first genocide of the 20th century” during a mass in Vatican in April this year.

According to sources in Vatican, Pope has tricked everyone around him when even the cardinals in charge of Vatican’s foreign affairs were not aware and did not expect that the Pope would make such controversial remarks. Sources said the Turkish Ambassador was also planing to attend to this mass as a sign of reconciliation but cancelled last minute when Pope’s real intentions were discovered.

The remarks were found to be Islamophobic and racist by the critics as Pope undermined the first genocide of 20th century which was committed by the German Empire in Herero and Namaqua in 1904 in today’s Namibia against black African civilians, who were not “white and christian”.

Pope’s comments has drawn widespread criticism from Turkey and the Muslim world, critics said that if Vatican wants to declare a moral crusade it should be against its peadophile clergy and child sex abuse before anything else. Critics said while the Vatican still hasn’t come clean about its Nazi-sympathiser Popes and cardinals before WW2, Pope is trying to distract the international community from Vatican’s real problems.