04 Apr

ATA-A condemns Armenian provocation in Nagarno-Karbakh

ATA-A condemns Armenian provocation in Nagarno-Karbakh region, calls for international community to work more decisively to end illegal occupation of the region by Yerevan and its proxy forces.


Azerbaijan has liberated several villages from the Armenian occupation in Nagarno-Karabakh region following an unprovoked attack by Yerevan backed forces, news outlets reported over the weekend.

While 12 Azerbaijani soldiers lost their lives, at least 18 Armenians also died during the clashes.

Armenia failed to specify if the deceased are from its own forces or from ethnic separatists it openly backs.

ATA-A strongly condemns Armenian provocations in the region, which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many.

The illegal occupation of the Nagarno-Karabakh region by Armenia and its proxy forces is the source of the dispute waiting to be resolved for more than two decades.

The UNGA resolution 62/243 reaffirmed Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, expressing support for that country’s internationally recognized borders and demanding the immediate withdrawal of all Armenian forces from all occupied territories there.

ATA-A also believes the blame lies with the inability of an international mediation group to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Our prayers are with the families of Azerbaijani soldiers who lost their lives in two days of fighting with Armenian forces.

The Chair of Australia Azerbaijan Friendship Group, Luke Simpkins MP has drawn The Australian Parliament’s attention to the illegal occupation of Nagorno Karabagh and asked Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to warn Armenia for their deplorable treatment of Azerbaijan citizens.

Mr Simpkins said in November 2015: ” In 1992 and 1993, Armenia illegally seized sovereign territory of Azerbaijan. This includes the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. As a result of the attack and the seizure of that territory by Armenia, 350,000 ethnic Azerbaijanis were pushed from Armenia into Azerbaijan, and over 750,000 Azerbaijanis were forced out of their homes and became internally displaced persons in other parts of Azerbaijan. Therefore, over one million Azerbaijanis have been kept from their land, their property and the graves of their ancestors for over 20 years.”


26 Mar

ATA Alliance announces new Leadership Group

Over the past 2.5 years ATA Alliance has become a vital institution for the Australian Turkish Community. As one of the most successful Turkish diaspora organisations in the world, ATA Alliance has quickly become recognised for its advocacy efforts in Australia and overseas.


15 Mar

Terrorism and the Relative Value of Human Life

by Ertunc Ozen

Interim CEO of ATA Alliance

Friends, once again it is our melancholy duty to share the pain, grief, and suffering of Turkish people around the world. News of the terrorist attack in the heart of Ankara rocked not only that Capital city, but reverberated around the world as the Turkish diaspora tried to come to terms with the horror, and senseless loss of life. This is not the first time, not even the first time this year, that terrorists have turned Turkey’s streets into rivers of blood and destruction. (more…)

10 Mar

Greek MP insulting Turkish people gets kicked out of EU Parliament

An EU lawmaker affiliated with Greece’s extremist far-right Golden Dawn party was ejected from the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday, after making racist remarks about Turkish nationals.

Parliament President Martin Schulz said the unusual move was justified to maintain the “dignity of our house” and undercut efforts to make racism “socially acceptable.”

He said the EU parliamentarian, Eleftherios Synadinos, would later get a chance to state his case. Schulz has in the past fined EU lawmakers who use racist language.

Synadinos made his controversial remarks during a debate that took place Wednesday morning at the plenary in Strasbourg, France, on a refugee summit that the EU held with Turkey earlier this week.

Synadinos in Greek described Turks as “spiritual barbarians, impious, cheaters and dirty,” Schulz said.

Synadinos went on to say that “a Turk is like a dog that acts fiercely but runs away when he has to fight the enemy” and argued that “the fist and decisiveness” is the only way to handle Turks.

Greece and Turkey have historically had a hostile relationship, but have cooperated during the refugee crisis. Schulz called Synadinos’ comments “unacceptable” and said they violated the EU’s values and principles.

The Greek lawmaker left the plenary of his own accord after Schulz dispatched ushers to accompany him.

The parliament president also quashed a protest by French far-right parliamentarian Bruno Gollnisch, telling him: “If you don’t calm down, you will get a tranquilizer.”


Source : Daily Sabah