19 Jan

Hrant Dink, enemy of extremists and hatred everywhere.

Outspoken journalist Hrant Dink was killed on this day by an extremist Turkish Nationalist. He was a prominent Armenian-Turk and had written a substantial body of material about Turkish Armenian relations.


19 Jan

19.01.2015 – Media Release : Armenian Lobby fuels hatred – NSW Parliament supports them

ATA-A Media Release

19 January 2015

Armenian Lobby fuels hatred – NSW Parliament supports them

From time to time, we post examples of the hatred people express toward Turkey and people of Turkish descent. These are by no means the only examples we see, but just a sample to show how the work of some lobby groups works only to promote hatred and disharmony in our community. We want it to stop.

You will be able to see some example of hatred that has been expressed as a result of efforts by various lobby groups, amongst them, the Armenian National Committee (ANC) to promote their version of historical events in Ottoman Empire in 1915.


17 Jan

Professor denies Armenian Lobby’s distortions of the facts

Even their biggest supporters are now denying the Armenian Lobby’s extreme views and distortions of the facts.

We have replied to Prof Stanley’s ‪#‎TheWaterDiviner‬ review with this release : ” Grab a coke and some popcorn and enjoy the movie” , this movie was not meant to be a documentary.

But –render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s– he was right on one thing : “Armenian experience had no place in this movie because it was simply irrelevant.”

Messages Image(1441601881)

But the political bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, falsely advertised this review as ‘Leading Professor slams #TheWaterDiviner for “omitting” the events of 1915!’ This was no more than a joke, when Prof Stanley himself said in a comment in the page that he is not criticising the movie for its omissions.
The Armenian lobby kept the post online, until Peter Stanley had to publicly “refute” their incorrect claims via twitter. Peter Stanley is known for his support for the Armenian Lobby’s unfounded claims. And yet even he had to refute the Armenian lobby’s distortion of the facts at one point.


15 Jan

Turkey – Azarbaijan and Australia are on NYT’s List of Places to go in 2015!

NYT = “Priced off the Greek Isles? Try southern Turkey.”

This is What NYT writes about Kas :

Kos is out. Kas is in. Economic cataclysm in Greece aside, prices remain high on the Greek islands, which increasingly have less to offer the all-inclusive-resort-averse tourist. Enter the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, and its gem, Kas. While the nearby town of Kalkan has fallen victim to hordes of hard-partying Brits (many a Kalkan restaurant now serves “Full English” brekkies), the old fishing village of Kas remains relatively untouched. Known largely as a divers’ paradise, the city has a hippyish sensibility, partly owing to a number of jazz-playing waterfront watering holes. Visitors interested in the past can use Kas as a base for visits to the nearby Lycian cities of Patara and Xanthos.