07 Apr

Syrian Armenians from Kessab continue to flee to Turkey


A group of Syrian Armenians entered Turkey on Saturday from Syria’s northwestern town of Kessab, just across from Yayladağı in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, accompanied by Syrian rebel forces.
According to the private Doğan news agency, 18 Syrian Armenians were brought to the Yayladağı border gate by members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The Syrian Armenians were reportedly welcomed by Turkish officials, including the district governor, the chief of the Yayladağı Police Department and border officers.


05 Apr

Turkey hosts Armenians from Kessab, Syria


Turkey has started to host two senior Armenians from Syria who fled their hometown after jihadists allegedly backed by Ankara invaded their area.

Syrian rebels and their jihadist allies, the al-Nusra Front, launched a major offensive on Latakia nearly two weeks ago and have since seized several positions and villages including the Kasab area, home to a border crossing into Turkey, according to Agence France-Presse.


05 Apr

‘Kessab’taki Ermenilere komşu köydeki Türk’ler sahip çıktı’


Türkiye-Suriye sınırının Suriye tarafındaki Keseb kasabasında rejimle muhalifler arasında süren çatışmalar, Türkiye sınırlarına taştı. Önce geçtiğimiz hafta Keseb’den Türkiye tarafındaki Yayladağı’na düşen havan mermisi, sonra çoğunluğunu tehcirden kaçan Ermenilerin oluşturduğu Keseb’de Ermenilerin katledildiğine dair iddialar dünyanın gündemine oturdu. Türkiye’ye sığınan iki yaşlı Ermeni kadın ise özellikle merak konusu oldu.


03 Apr

03.04.2014 – Armenian Lobby aims to jeopardise the Australian Turkish Friendship


April 2nd, 2014

Armenian Lobby aims to jeopardise the Australian Turkish Friendship

protesto foto 5

At a time when the Turkish and Australian diggers are fighting side by side in countries like Afganistan, the hatred fuelled remarks of the Armenian lobby group is yet again attempting to paint the Republic of Turkey in the worst possible light by unfounded allegations with the obvious aim of jeopardising the friendship of Australia and Turkey.

Today the Turkish Community rallies against the shameful allegations of the Armenian Lobby on April 2nd 2014 in front of the Turkish Consulate on 66 Ocean Street, Woollahra. Turkish Community will defend their consulate, remembering the Turkish Consul-General Mr Sarik Ariyak who was assassinated by the Armenian Terrorists on the December 17th 1980 very close to that address, and also Turkey’s Melbourne consulate, which was also a victim of car bomb attack in 1986 by Armenian JCAG terrorists.

The rally is organised by the Youth Council of Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-A). ATA-A represents more than 120 Australian Turkish Associations and advocates on behalf of the interests of the Australian Turkish community, one of its roles is to advocate against turning foreign historical issues into a political football in Australia.

One should accept that as a member of NATO, and part of the International Community, Turkey has, consistent with its obligations, not only done what it could to try force Assad to step down, but has also borne the brunt of a large movement of people fleeing the fighting. In excess of 700,000 refugees from the fighting in Syria have come to Turkey and are currently being accommodated in that country. Turkey has cut all diplomatic and trade relations with what was once an important partner in the region. Its actions are entirely in line with the foreign policy of the US, Europe, and Australia.

With some 700,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey, there is no doubt that feelings among those people run high. There may well be some of those who sneak back over the border to attack the regime. To say that this means the Republic of Turkey is some sort of ally of Al Qaeda is as baseless an insult as to suggest that Australia is somehow similarly aligned with Al Qaeda since some Australian citizens leave here to fight in that war.

We condemn the attacks by the Al-Qaeda affiliated groups on the innocent civilians and also the attacks to the innocent Syrian Armenians in the city of Kessab. We also condemn the attempts by the Armenian Lobby to try manipulate Australia’s foreign policy as a weapon against Turkey. Such an action can only be seen as an attempt to use this country’s capabilities to further a foreign power’s interests. The Armenian Lobby’s policy goals are not aimed at Australia’s best interests, and seek only to use this country to try further leverage pressure on Turkey.