Local politicians must stay out of international historical debates.

Armenian hatred against different opinions is a threat to Australia’s multicultural harmony.

Australian Turkish community ready for respectful debate, open dialogue with Armenians about the events of 1915.


This weekend, Armenians living in Australia will use all their influence and resources to convince Australians that Ottoman Empire carried out genocide against them.

They will try to silence any other voice than theirs.

In 2013 As European court of Human Rights stated that ‘genocide’ was a precisely defined legal concept and needed to be proven according to legal procedures. The court said it doubted that there could be a general consensus over the case of Armenians.

There has been no decision in any of the international tribunals and courts in that regard despite Armenian Diaspora’s relentless efforts for almost a century.

Historians also fail to reach a consensus on the matter. Scholars continue to discuss whether or not there was ‘an intent to destroy’ Armenians in Ottoman orders which aimed at ending Armenian revolts and collaboration with the enemy by deporting them to southern states of the empire.

Despite ongoing historical debate and no legal basis for labeling events as genocide, Armenians continue to accuse anyone inquiring these facts for being a genocide denier.

‘They abuse and insult Australians with Turkish descent for voicing their side of the story,’ Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-A) Director Hakan Evecek said.

Armenian hatred against Australian Turks voicing their opinion on the events of 1915, a threat to Australia’s harmony

We will not forget terrorist atrocities carried out by the Armenian terror groups against innocent Turks across the world, in the name of revenge.

In 1980, Armenian terrorists murdered Turkish consul general along with his bodyguard in Sydney.

In 1986, Armenian terror group used a car bomb to destroy Turkish consulate in Melbourne.

‘These events continue to remind us what generations raised with hatred and ignorance are capable of,’ Evecek added.

The multicultural harmony of Australia is paramount to all Australians, including to us with Turkish descent.

We respect and appreciate the fair go Australia has given to us. Therefore, we are ready for dialogue on this issue through respectful debate.

We have already showed our readiness for open dialogue last year by accepting an invitation from the Goethe institute to take part in a panel to discuss the issue.

Unfortunately, the panel had to be called off after, according to ABC, Armenian participants refused to be on the same stage with Turkish Australians.

Local politicians must stay out of international historical debates

‘Australian Turkish community will never tolerate divisive bullying methods carried out by some members of the Armenian community and their proxy politicians,’ Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-A) Director Hakan Evecek said.

Some politicians continue to use the grievances of minority communities, including those of Armenians in Australia, to their benefit.

Lobby groups who only advocate division in our society support their unsubstantiated ethnic hatred towards us.

This has to come to an end.

As Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance;

We call politicians not to enter historical debates. History should be studied through its disciplines by its scholars at academic level.

We call politicians to avoid using divisive, often offending rhetoric on the sacred floors of our democracy.

We invite Armenians for open debate on the issue. We seek harmony through dialogue.

We call Armenians to stop bullying and intimidating Turkish-Australians with their insults, ignorance.