If you live long enough, you will see everything.

Today, at the European Court of Human Rights, we were treated to the spectacle of international celebrity lawyers, Geoffrey Robertson and Amal Clooney, both of whom have made fame and fortune as ‘champions’ of human rights and free speech argue that it was ok to ban freedom of expression in Switzerland.

It seems that when it comes to free speech, they want to decide what is and is not worth defending. Worse, they support the idea that for anyone to suggest the Armenian experience during WW1 did not amount to a genocide should be an offence punishable in criminal law!

Where are your ‘Je suis Charlie‘ sentiments now?

To commemorate this shameful dereliction of principles we are having a competition. Whoever comes up with the cleverest/funniest/most appropriate caption up this photo wins a prize. We haven’t decided what yet, maybe one of Geoffrey’s many long winded self promoting rubbish about what a legendary defender of free speech he is.

Hurry, send all applications in before they declare making fun of these hypocrites a criminal offence as well.

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