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Turkey’s 1915 statement wins praise from West but Armenia unimpressed

< While the West and Armenians in Turkey have welcomed a statement from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the events of 1915 on the eve of their 99th anniversary, ...

Sırma Martz: Armenians Must Watch Their Tongues

Sırma Oran Martz, a Turkish member of the French Green Party, has won a defamation case against Laurent Leylekyan, one of the most prominent members of the Armenian diaspora.

Armenian diaspora: Focus on Russia rather than Turkey!

by BARÇIN YİNANÇ “This is bad news for Armenia,” a member of the Armenian opposition told me, in the first days following Ukraine’s surprise refusal to sign an association deal ...

JCAG – Bringing Terrorism Down Under

Dec 17 marks the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of the Consul-General of Turkey and his bodyguard, by terrorist member of the “Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide”. They were ...