Dutch parliament have adopted a resolution recognizing the events of 1915 as genocide.

The motions have nothing to with historical justice or the acknowledgment of Armenians’ pain, but rather, everything to do to with scoring political points and engaging in verbal harassment against Turkey.

The move comes at a time when anti-Muslim and anti-Turkey sentiment is at an all time high not just in the Netherlands, but in several other European countries.

It is common knowledge that Turkey’s bilateral relations with the Netherlands have been mired in controversy since 2016. Talks to repair the relations recently broke down, leading the Netherlands to recall its ambassador.

In just ten days of this development, the said motion was adopted.

Using the genocide allegations as a form of punishment is not limited to the Netherlands. It has been done in numerous occasions in other countries as well. Whenever a country experiences political tensions with Turkey, the MPs of that country mysteriously develop definitive knowledge about the complex 1915 events and feel morally compelled to pass judgement on the said events.

This pattern was observed, for example, in Germany, Russia, Israel, and Egypt.

We doubt if any of such acts politicising the pain of Armenians would bring closure or truth to the matter.


Credit: Heavily relied on article by Mehmet Oğuzhan Tulun for AVIM