Hampig Sassounian

Hampig Sassounian

The California parole board granted convicted terrorist Hampig Sassounian’s request for parole on December 14, 2016. Under the California law, Governor Brown has the ability to stop Hampig Sassounian’s release. You can stop Sassounian’s release by writing to the governor. Click this link to sign the petition, or fill in the contact form for the governor from this link: <jerry.brown@gov.ca.gov> and choose Parole Issues/concerns from the drop down menu.

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Cc: Nancy McFadden <nancy.mcfadden@gov.ca.gov>, Peter Krause <Peter.Krause@gov.ca.gov>

On January 28, 1982, Los Angeles Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan had stopped his car at a crosswalk on Wilshire Boulevard to yield the right of way to a young man. That young man was the 19-year-old Hampig Sassounian.
Sassounian fired 15 bullets into the body, including seven into Arikan’s head. Arikan died at the scene.

Sassounian did not think then, and has shown no sign of acknowledging now, that Turkish people and officials, who disagree with the genocide label in the century-old Turkish-Armenian historical controversy have “human value”:

I felt that this man [] had no human value, that he had no morals, that he was serving a government that just wasn’t, wasn’t worthy to be called like a human being. You know? That they just lack all human values.


Sassounian’s crime was an expression of his hatred against the Turkish Republic, and people of Turkish and Muslim heritage.

Sassounian has never publicly expressed remorse.

To this day, Sassounian’s public statements and his supporters continue to strike fear in Turkish and Muslim Californians.
Sassounian’s actions have cost the United States tens of millions of dollars to protect Turkish diplomats from Armenian extremists on American soil. Meanwhile, Sassounian has continually evaded the questions of the Parole Board, maintaining secrets about co-conspirators related to the Arikan Assassination.



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  • Sassounian's DNA

    Sassounian believes that it is in his DNA – something immutable and unrepairable – to hate those who challenge his view on Armenian history and to hate perceived signs of disrespect towards the Armenian people. He and his counsel make this reference in minimizing his crime. At the 2015 parole hearing Sassounian was asked by Presiding Commissioner Singh to describe how his perceptions of Turkey’s policies on the genocide controversy affected him. He replied, “I guess it’s in my DNA.”

    Sassounian is 53-years old. If released on parole, he'll have a chance to live the life he denied to Arikan and his family.

    Rehabilitated? Sassounian is 53-years old. If released on parole, he’ll have a chance to live the life he denied to Arikan and his family.

    His counsel argued similarly in 2010, that “it’s hardwired into virtually all of our DNA, all of our Armenians’ DNA.”
    Just last year at his prior parole hearing, when Sassounian recounted his assassination of Mr. Arikan, he described a sense of obligation to “do something to these [Turkish] people,” and to do something that showed the world that Armenians were “man enough to respond.
    In his words, he saw “no other choice left but to [] resort to violence.” Through deadly force he sought to push the “Armenian cause” forward and to “punish” the Turkish government.
    At the 2013 parole hearing, Sassounian stated that if the Turkish government would admit genocide, he would be willing to remain in prison for the rest of his life and not seek parole. 10 As Commissioner Ferguson noted, this is “exactly the same type of mindset that caused him to commit his crime in the first place – to sacrifice a life, in this case his own, to make a political statement.”




  • What is Armenian Terror?

    Hampig Harry Sassounian was a member of the JCAG, the militant wing of the Yerevan-based Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). ARF is represented in the United States by the American National Committee of America (ANCA).

    According to the FBI, ANCA’s youth division, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), recruited JCAG operatives, such as Sassounian. Indeed, ANCA’s national chairman, Mourad Topalian, was convicted of weapons and explosives violations that the FBI connected to at least six JCAG terror incidents on American soil, including one at the United Nations Plaza that injured five Americans.

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    JCAG operated out of Syria and Lebanon, and carried out over 250 terrorist attacks, including over 60 incidents in the United States. JCAG killed over 70 including two Americans, injured over 700 including over 20 Americans, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage worldwide including on American soil.

    Although Armenian terrorism has origins dating prior to World War I, modern Armenian terrorism has proudly and openly accepted responsibility for: 70 Killings of:
    34 civilians
    31 Turkish diplomats
    5 law enforcement officers
    41 Attempted killings of: 13 civilians
    28 Turkish diplomats
    524 Serious wounding of: 500 civilians
    20 Turkish diplomats
    4 law enforcement officers
    105 Hostages taken, consisting of: 100 civilians
    5 Turkish diplomats
    217 Bombings or armed attacks comprising: 160 incidents of property destruction
    22 attempted bombings (bombs defused or inoperative) 35 bomb or death threats

    Between 1973 and the present, Armenian militant groups committed over 230 acts of terrorism, which killed at least 70 and wounded 524 innocent people. Armenian terrorists took 105 hostages, executing 12, one of whom was an American. The Armenian terrorist bombing campaign included at least 160 attacks and accounted for the vast majority of deaths and injured, as they were generally committed in crowded public areas such as airports, city squares and shopping malls. The UN Plaza bombing, for example, occurred as over 200 people at the nearby B’nai B’rith building had just finished a conference and were about to exit into the Plaza area.
    In addition to killing, wounding and threatening the lives of innocent people, the Armenian bombing campaign caused 160 incidents of property destruction, totaling several hundred million dollars in damage in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Australia.
    Two Armenian groups are directly responsible for these acts of terrorism: the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) and the Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide (JCAG), of which Sassounian was an active member in California.
    JCAG is the militant wing of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (a.k.a. Dashnak), which is an ultra-nationalist political party in Armenia. ARF’s foreign agent in the United States is the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). ARF has offices inBoston, and recruited members to the JCAG from the Armenian Youth Federation (AFY).

    Watch the speech by Leal Rubin, the prosecutor of the Sassounian trial.


    Hot Bed for Terrorists

    23 American and Canadian Armenians that have been convicted of terrorist crimes which Sassounian tacitly approves. The vast majority were members of the same terrorist organization, JCAG, as Sassounian:

    In the United States:
    Hampig Sassounian, Los Angeles, California JCAG
    Mourad Topalian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Dikran Berberian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Vartan Chirinian, Van Nuys, California, ASALA
    Steven John Dadaian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Viken Hovespian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Hratch Kozibioukian,Van Nuys, California, ASALA
    Siranouche Kozibioukian,Van Nuys, California, ASALA
    Suzy Mahseredjian, San Francisco, California, ASALA
    Monte Melkonian, Dinuba, California, ASALA
    Krikor Saliba, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Arnig Sarkissian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Harout Sassounian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Vicken Setrag Tcharkhutian, Hollywood, California, ASALA Viken Vacoubian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG
    Gourgen Yanikian, Los Angeles, California, JCAG

    In Canada:
    Haig Balian, Ottawa, ASALA
    Melkon Karakhanian, Ottawa, ASALA
    Haig Karkhanian, Ottawa, ASALA
    Haroutium Kevork, Ottawa, ASALA
    Kevork Marachelian, Ottawa, JCAG
    Ohannes Noubarian, Ottawa, JCAG
    Rafi Panos Titizian, Ottawa, JCAG