Good old prof Stanley – never one to let an opportunity to have a kick at Turks or Turkey go by.

The learned professor, who last year wrote a heartfelt piece with the title “Our misguided friendship with Turkey”, now loses the plot over a number of errors he says are in the Water Diviner.

Grab a coke, some popcorn, relax and enjoy the movie, professor, it isn’t meant to be a documentary.

As for his criticisms over the way the Greek invasion was treated, this is a bit more serious, and shows just how much this man hates Turkey, and the Turks.

Not sure what the ‘Greek side’ of this brutal invasion might be, but anything that tends to show Turks in a remotely positive light obviously bothers this man. History is sometimes hard, and sometime painful, professor. We hope that in time, your professionalism will overcome your prejudice.

Just a note : This movie, the Water Diviner, has got 4/4 Stars from some REAL movie critics like David from ABC’s At the Movies. Their review can be reached here)

Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance