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We strongly support multiculturalism in Australia, however radical extremism always look for an excuse to spread their divisive ideas. In this section, from time to time, we will display some of the hate letters we receive and our response and other examples of hate speech on social media.

  • Hatred on Social Media

    Hate Speech on Social Media

      • Armenian Lobby fuels hatred on ANC * Facebook Page
        These examples show how Armenian lobby’s work brings hatred to Australia and harms our multiculturalism.

    1- Hatred fuelled by the century old propaganda news stories


    These comments are under a post ANC published on their facebook page regarding a newsstory from 1919 which claims 1.5 million Armenians were killed in Armenia.

    The news story was clearly part of a synchronised international campaign against -then- Ottoman Government to sign a demeaning treaty after the WW1. The infamous Viscount Bryce and his colleagues were part of this decades old propaganda. The report was shown at the “Paris Conference” and it was refuted by the Ottoman Delegation, the biased news story also falls short of reporting the Ottoman response on the report.

    Messages Image(614336633) The reality is the post and the news story it refers to are misleading and used to fuel hatred towards Turks. It shows that the Armenian lobby is fuelling the ancient grudges and hatreds in multicultural Australia. Secondly it has some preposterous claims that are impossible to prove. The claims were unfounded at the Paris conference, and they are unfounded now. Third, 1919 is the year when the “First Armenian Republic” was in existence and it was in an aggression towards the collapsing Ottoman Empire to occupy more land. The first Prime minister of the Armenia, Hovhannes Katchaznouni tell every single atrocity the Armenian gangs carried out against the Turks in his memoirs. You can read a copy of this book on our website.

    2- Hatred towards Turks, as comments on our posts by Social Media Trolls


    This page shows one Armenian woman, Linda Shahinian‘s comments to one of our photographs on Facebook. The photograph was taken in front of the Turkish Consulate on April 2nd at a peaceful VanGuard demonstration against the Armenian Lobby’s threats to our consulate. Our press release regarding this demonstration can be reached here.

    In her racist and indecent posts, Linda Shahinian says in Turkish : ” Go f… your mothers.” and “F.. off you murderers”. Her FB profile shows that this person is a student at the NSW Police Force.

    10151480_1426173940963881_1223826501_n Given that the Armenian Lobby has brought bus loads of students to this “protest” which was full of swearing and hateful comments, it is very normal to see the “hatred” seeds planted in the minds of the youth such as this person. This hateful propaganda has the potential of causing huge divisions and perhaps bigger problems in our peaceful society. We should remind that one of the first terrorist attacks in Australia’s history was against the Turkish Consul-General Mr Sarik Ariyak and his aide in December 1980 by Armenian terrorists.

    Talking about the “hatred seed in the minds of the youth”, the following post will shock you. It is a post from Jack Young someone who is, according to his FB profile, a “Teacher at a Catholic School”. It was posted under a comment which shows our poster to call the Turkish people to our “VanGuard” demonstration at the Turkish Consulate. On the poster it writes “Buses will depart from the Gallipoli Parade at 1.:30pm” and the shocking comment from a teacher to this poster is as follows:

    Messages Image(541517073)It left us speechless. Following some other similar posts we had to alarm the Federal Police. We were protected by the special forces during the demonstration from the Armenian protesters. The diplomatic protection team of the NSW Police Force was also present at the demonstration to protect the Turkish Consulate from the furious protesters.

    These examples clearly show the “hatred” that the Armenian Lobby brought to our society. This is UNAUSTRALIAN but surprisingly these people are supported by the NSW Parliament. Especially by : Fred Nile** , Gladys Berejicklian (who is also Armenian), Amanda Fazio, David Clarke, Walt Secord, Maria Ficarra and Jonathan O’Dea.

    from left - Walt Secord, Jonathan O'Dea, David Clarke, Amanda Fazio, Fred Nile receiving their certificates for supporting ANC

    from left – Walt Secord, Jonathan O’Dea, Maria Ficarra, David Clarke, Amanda Fazio, Fred Nile receiving their certificates for supporting ANC

    *ANC is the political bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (“ARF”) – an organisation founded to revolt against the Ottoman Government pursuing to found a “new state” and killed tens of thousands of Muslim Ottomans. ARF was working cooperatively with the Ottoman Government until the Entente offered them more which resulted in their revolt just days before the ANZAC landing on Gallipoli.

    ** You would remember Fred Nile’s, dog-whitle politics against Turks on his facebook page.

  • Hate Mail 1

    Hate Mail from R.


    Our Response :

    Dear R.

    Thank you for your email. It will be of no surprise to you that we dispute most, if not all, of the terrible crimes you accuse the entire Turkish people of committing.

    We would have suggested to you that perhaps it was not just Turkish armies who were engaged in battles as far back as the Crusades (you forgot to mention the Battle of Malazgirt – where Alp Arslan defeated the Byzantine force and captured their Emperor), but we fear that, given you have clearly stated your view that this was all the Turks’ fault, that this would fall on deaf ears. People such as yourself cannot be reasoned with, and show just how deep seated the ignorance of, and prejudice against, people of a Turkish background is in some Australians.

    In truth, we feel sorry for people such as yourself. It must be very difficult to live with such anger and hatred over things you know so little about, but so firmly believe, probably because that is what you have been taught since childhood. Coming from different religions does not mean we must be enemies, but this is clearly something so deeply ingrained into your psyche that it is not worth trying to discuss with you. We would further try to reason with you regarding more modern history but we can tell from your letter that you would not allow facts to disturb the comfort of your ignorance and prejudice. Comparing Ataturk to Hitler is not only insulting to Turks, but deeply insulting to the memory of the ANZACs and their families, who were so heartened to experience the mutual respect of foes on the battlefield become friends in peace. We guess this friendship causes you interminable heartache, and no doubt, you do your best to make sure it is broken, but you should be assured that the bonds between Turkey and Australia are far too strong to be broken by the ignorant and hateful.

    In short, people such as yourself guarantee religious hatred and conflict on our planet for many years to come. We prefer to work with our friends to improve relations, and to promote an objective and knowledgeable discussion about the events in the late Ottoman Empire, than to waste time dealing with the many and various cranks and religious fanatics out there who aim only to harm Turkey. We are sure that in time, knowledge of the truth will dispel the sort of ignorance you peddle, and take comfort in the fact that if you were so sure of the truth of your position, one visit by an American academic would not have caused you to fly into such an hysterical rage.



  • Hate Mail 2

    Hate Mail from Anonymous with nickname : “Yet another Greek”


    Our Response:

    “A response will be posted soon”


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