Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP has spoken about the Motion on the Centenary of ANZAC Prime Minister Tony Abbott MP and Leader of Opposition Bill Shorten MP have moved on 12 May 2014.

The Motion is about the centenary of ANZAC but also “thanks to the people and the government of Turkey for their support of the centenary commemorations.

After detailing the Centenary of ANZAC activities she has carried out overseas and in her electorate, the Minister has spent almost half of her speech about importance of the relationship of Australia and Turkey which she called “an important partner” and “a crucial ally”. Minister also acknowledged the contribution of people of Turkish heritage to modern Australian society in her speech.

Here is the part of Minister Julie Bishop’s speech in the Parliament on May 13th 201:

” One of the truly extraordinary aspects of the Gallipoli campaign is the way it forged the contemporary relationship between Turkey and Australia. It is a relationship with an important history that we honour, but also a relationship that looks forward and is focused on working together to achieve our common goals.

Australia sees Turkey as an important partner in global security. As a member of NATO, Turkey is a significant contributor to operations in Afghanistan. Turkey is also a crucial ally in the international community’s efforts to combat Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and it bears the particularly heavy humanitarian burden of hosting 1½ million Syrians who have fled across the border.

Australia’s contemporary relationship with Turkey also has rich cultural and social dimensions. Acknowledging the contribution of people of Turkish heritage to modern Australian society and showcasing the rich diversity of our innovative and multicultural nation, the Australian government is supporting the Australian International Cultural Council’s Year of Australia in Turkey and the Year of Turkey in Australia in 2015: a series of bilateral exchanges to build on the Gallipoli centenary. I am confident these exchanges will foster great collaboration in the arts and cultural sector between Australia and Turkey.

Last evening, on budget night, I was pleased to host both the Turkish Ambassador and the New Zealand High Commissioner, who were present on the floor of the House during the budget speech as a token of our appreciation to New Zealand, our partner in Anzac, and to Turkey, now our partner in global affairs. ”

Her full speech can be found here .