Media Release

July 23rd, 2015

ALP National Congress Event : “The Kurdish Fight Against Islamic State” by The Hon David Feeney MP

It has come to our attention that during this weekend’s ALP National Congress, an event titled “The Kurdish Fight Against Islamic State” will be held by the Hon David Feeney MP, Shadow Minister for Defence.

There are speculations about former and/or current PKK members will be present at this event.

If past or present PKK members are attending this ALP event, this is a matter of serious concern to the Turkish community.

The PKK is a Marxist Terrorist Group. Australia lists the PKK as a terrorist organisation. It has been listed as a terrorist organisation by many of Australia’s friends and allies, including the US, the UK, France, Canada, Spain, NATO, and New Zealand. Their Syrian arm calls itself the PYD. Whatever name they go by, they apply the same philosophy and tactics.

The PKK has, over the last 30 years, waged a bloody terrorist campaign against Turkey, and its people, resulting in the deaths of 10’s of thousands of Turkish people, targeted simply because of their ethnicity. They have not hesitated in slaughtering civilians in the hope of achieving their aim of carving out a Kurdish nation from part of Turkey. It has openly carried out campaigns with another listed terrorist organisation – ASALA – to target Turkey and Turkish people. These terrorist organisations are not the representatives of the Kurdish people.

Whilst ATA-A is firmly against the death cult that calls itself ISIS, we also caution against an approach that suggests it is safe to assume anyone fighting ISIS must be a friend. We want the West to take strong action against ISIS, but are firmly of the view that the the West should have nothing to do with the PKK and its affiliates.”