April 1st, 2014

Armenian Lobby tries hard to jeopardise the Friendship of Turkey and Australia

At a time when the Turkish and Australian diggers are fighting side by side in countries like Afganistan, the hatred fuelled remarks of the Armenian lobby group is yet again attempting to paint the Republic of Turkey in the worst possible light by unfounded allegations with the obvious aim of jeopardising the friendship of Turkey and Australia.

ATA-A CEO Mr Ertunc Ozen said that the war in Syria has been waging for a long time, Western powers, including Turkey, have generally supported the rebel movement against the dictatorship of Bashir Assad. He added that terrible events have occurred, and many thousands have died, many more being displaced and said : “Yet, the interest of the ANCA seems only to attack Turkey in any way possible.”

As a member of NATO, and part of the International Community Turkey has, consistent with its obligations, not only done what it could to try force Assad to step down, but has also borne the brunt of a large movement of people fleeing the fighting. In excess of 700,000 refugees from the fighting in Syria have come to Turkey and are currently being accommodated in that country. Turkey has cut all diplomatic and trade relations with what was once an important partner in the region. Its actions are entirely in line with the foreign policy of Australia, the US and Europe.

In this light, it is especially galling to learn of the attempts by the Armenian Lobby to try manipulate Australia’s foreign policy as a weapon against Turkey. Such an action can only be seen as an attempt to use this country’s capabilities to further a foreign power’s interests. The Armenian Lobby’s policy goals are not aimed at Australia’s best interests, and seek only to use this country to try further leverage pressure on Turkey.

The Australian Public should be aware that in Australia, ANZAC Day has been the Armenian Lobby’s main target for quite some time. They ARE trying to jeopardise it this year by bring up unfounded allegations in Syria and they will continue to try to damage the relationship between Turkey and Australia in the future. The Australian public should not let the hatred fuelled agenda take over the most important day of the year for Australians. As the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance we condemn any attempts that would harm the 99 years-old friendship and solidarity between Australian and Turkish people.