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21 Jul

32 Years on : Armenian Terrorism in Lisbon romanticised in Sydney

It is been 32 years, and terrorism is still being romanticised by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian Youth Federation in Australia, who have invited convicted terrorists to Australia in the past to give lectures about a “United Armenian Agenda”.

17 Jan

Professor denies Armenian Lobby’s distortions of the facts

Even their biggest supporters are now denying the Armenian Lobby’s extreme views and distortions of the facts. We have replied to Prof Stanley’s ‪#‎TheWaterDiviner‬ review with this release : ” Grab a coke and some popcorn and enjoy the movie” ...

14 Jan

Remembering the Orly Attack

by Maxime Gaui*n On July 15, 1983, was perpetrated the worst terrorist attack which happened in France since the end of World War II, and the worst perpetrated in peace time. A bomb placed by the Armenian Secret Army for ...