Tags: "Armenian Genocide Lies"

24 Apr

Australian Turkish community fears Armenians undermine multicultural harmony.

Local politicians must stay out of international historical debates. Armenian hatred against different opinions is a threat to Australia’s multicultural harmony. Australian Turkish community ready for respectful debate, open dialogue with Armenians about the events of 1915.   This weekend, ...

15 Oct

ECtHR rules in favor of Turkish politician Doğu Perinçek over ‘Armenian Genocide’ claims trial

European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ruled in favor of Turkish politician Doğu Perinçek over the “Armenian genocide” claims trial.

04 Aug

Book Review : An Inconvenient Genocide by Geoffrey Robertson QC

21 Jul

Dadrian: An Armenian name in an American game

by Tal Buenos Vahakn N. Dadrian is often described by genocide scholars as the distinguished pioneer in their field of study. The high regard for this founding father of genocide scholarship is ingrained in the discourse on genocide as part ...