Tags: "Armenian Genocide Lies"

18 May

Spain rejects Armenian claims over 1915 events

Spain’s upper parliament has rejected a bill to recognize Armenian claims regarding the 1915 events. The Senate of Spain on Wednesday dismissed the proposal tabled by Entesa – a political group active in the Catalonian region – with 130 votes ...

05 Apr

Convenient Noise on the Armenian Tragedy

by Tal Buenos Geoffrey Robertson is not the first to write a book or a newspaper article in a manner that presents Turks as genocidal and deniers, without being a scholar of Ottoman history. He is not the first for ...

04 Mar

Soft power, Samantha Power and soft intellectuals

by Tal Buenos (*) Power considerations explain the lingering genocide accusation campaign against Turkey. In international relations, power means the ability to get another state to do what it otherwise would not do. From the perspective of the U.S., how ...

03 Feb

03.02.2015 – Great news for multiculturalism and harmony!

ATA-A MEDIA RELEASE February 3rd, 2015 Great news for multiculturalism and harmony Multicultural NSW (CRC) Adopts guidelines on Recognition of Historical Events Multicultural NSW (formerly known as Community Relations Commission) has recently adopted a new set of guidelines for local ...