Tags: "Armenian Terrorism"

03 Oct

New Book Deconstructs the Armenian Campaign

“The Armenian Genocide only exists in the imaginations of some Armenians and in their politicized campaign.” In his new book, Assistant Professor at The Institute of International and Civil Security (IICS) at Khalifa University, Brendon J Cannon attempts to deconstruct the political ...

22 Sep

5 Wrongs In Kim Kardashian’s New York Times Ad

  Kim Kardashian, the US celebrity who has been described as perhaps the world’s most famous Armenian, has taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times urging the tragic events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire to be officially ...

21 Jul

32 Years on : Armenian Terrorism in Lisbon romanticised in Sydney

It is been 32 years, and terrorism is still being romanticised by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian Youth Federation in Australia, who have invited convicted terrorists to Australia in the past to give lectures about a “United Armenian Agenda”.

29 Jan

29.01.2015 – ATA-A Remembers victims of Armenian Terrorism : Kemal Arikan

On 28th January 1982… Two Armenian gunmen assassinate Turkish Consul General, Kemal Arikan, in his automobile while he waits at an intersection. The Justice Commandos of Armenian Genocide (JCAG) claims responsibility. One of the assassins, Hampig Sassounian, a 19-year-old Armenian ...