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07 Mar

Morgenthau’s Hate and Lies Still Haunt History

OPEN LETTER TO WALL STREET JOURNAL The letter below was sent on February 9, 2018 to Wall Street Journal (WSJ) which published an earlier article by R.M.Morgenthau, grandson of Henry Morgenthau, former U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Since 1915 ...

13 Jan

The year of an Anglo-American apology to Armenians and Turks

by Tal Buenos Expectations of the year 2015 have much to do with the roundness of the number of years since 1915. They also have much to do with the political purpose that the historical Ottoman-Armenian conflict serves to this ...

11 Dec

Top Research Journal Dedicates Special Issue on WW1 and the Armenian Case

Routledge’s prestigious journal “Middle East Critique” dedicated its issue on World War One and the Armenian Case. At the Editor’s Note, Middle East Critique editor Eric Hooglund stated that they are dedicating the Summer issue of the journal to World ...