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16 May

Armenian Propaganda and the Anzacs

‘‘Friends tell the truth’’ but don’t let the truth spoil a good story! History without contextual understanding serves to no purpose, else than furthering the narrator’s biased agenda. Most of the respected academics today are aware of the hardships of ...

17 Jan

Professor denies Armenian Lobby’s distortions of the facts

Even their biggest supporters are now denying the Armenian Lobby’s extreme views and distortions of the facts. We have replied to Prof Stanley’s ‪#‎TheWaterDiviner‬ review with this release : ” Grab a coke and some popcorn and enjoy the movie” ...

13 Jan

Peter Stanley ; Grab a coke, some popcorn, relax and enjoy the movie

Good old prof Stanley – never one to let an opportunity to have a kick at Turks or Turkey go by. The learned professor, who last year wrote a heartfelt piece with the title “Our misguided friendship with Turkey”, now ...