Tags: "Terrorism"

05 Feb

Who is responsible for the closing of Turkish-Armenian border ?

by Maxime Gauin A growing campaign, inside and outside Turkey, is advocating the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border, without asking anything of Armenia, as if the Turkish government was the only, or at least the main, actor responsible for the ...

09 Jan

09.01.2015 – Charlie Hebdo Attack : Freedom of Speech is Not to be Selective

The reprehensible murders committed yesterday in France are a merciless act of terrorism, and such an act must be vehemently condemned by every civilized individual and institution. ATA-A too condemns this act of terrorism, and extends its condolences to those ...

09 Dec

09.12.2014 – The Day Terrorism Came to Australia

17.12.1980 : The Day Terrorism Came to Australia Most Australians are unaware that terrorism has already shown its ugly face on our shores. On 17 December, 1980, the “Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide”, a terrorist group with strong support ...

01 Dec

Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki was attacked by Molotov cocktails

Some masked people have thrown Molotov cocktails at the Turkish Consulate General in the Greek city of Thessaloniki on Sunday. The assailants threw at least five Molotov cocktails in twenty minutes, according to the information the Turkish press agency AA ...