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11 Jan

Turkish nationalist committee barred from entering Athens

The Talat Paşa Committee, a Turkish nationalist organization aiming to counter recognition of the 1915 events as the “Armenian genocide,” has been refused entry to Athens, where it had gone to issue a statement in protest at a recently approved ...

10 Jan

Turkish FM backs Perinçek over ‘no Armenian genocide’ claim

Turkey’s Foreign Minister has backed the leader of a small Turkish political party accused by the Swiss authorities of racial discrimination over remarks made about the “Armenian genocide” issue in 2007. Doğu Perinçek, chairman of the nationalist Workers’ Party, is ...

09 Jan

‘Over 1,000 foreign fighters deported’ by Turkey so far

Turkey has deported 1,056 foreigners and put a travel ban on 7,833, as part of its efforts to stop the recruitment of jihadists in Syria and Iraq, according to the head of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT). The information was ...

20 Dec

20.12.2014 – DFAT Releases internal communications on the Event of 1915

ATA-A Media Release 20 December 2014 DFAT Releases internal communications on the Event of 1915 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released internal communication documents about the “Events of 1915” under the Freedom of Information request made last month. The ...