French Historian Maxime Gauin slammed Taner Akcam’s book “Young Turk’s Crime Against Humanity” on the review essay ( read it here ) published by a acclaimed Rutledge journal.

The essay shows that the Akcam book, which has long been used as a basis for the Armenian Lobby’s claims and for “genocide” propaganda, is full of falsifications, forged documents, misinterpretations, cherry picked parts from people’s testimonies and a denial of Armenian rebellion.

Essay also points out the shiftiness of Akcam saying that “Although Akçam’s distortion has been publicized at least on three separate platforms, he has shown no interest in offering a rebuttal.”.

It should be noted that Akcam’s real intentions are obvious.
Gauin ends the essay saying that ” sooner or later, Taner Akçam’s disregard for the truth will be widely known in academia, and those who endorsed, explicitly or implicitly, his baseless accusations, without proceeding to any verification of the sources, will have to explain why they did so.”
We recommend everyone to read and share this informative but “incomplete” essay.