ATA-A is trying to be the voice of the Turkish community as a whole in Australia. In recent days, our members have taken on the press and done their part in promoting our values and beliefs in the public domain.

Our youth chair Tarkan Fahri became the voice of our stand in relation to the Armenian-Australian claims. He gave an interview to SBS World and highlighted ATA-A’s position on the topic. You can watch the story on SBS World News via this link.

In an opinon piece, we also tried to lay out what ANZAC Day means to our community. Published by SBS Life, our piece goes like this:

Keeping the ANZAC spirit alive means honoring a shared vision for multicultural harmony, in respect and remembrance of so many who were lost to wars in far-off lands.

Read the full piece on SBS through this link.

See another one through this link by the President of RSL Auburn Mehmet Evin in a story by the AAP.

ANZAC spirit will be one of the main themes at a cultural festival, organised by the Australian Turkish Mutual Alliance later this year.

We are urging our community to support ATMA to realize this festival. They are running a fundraiser raffle. Please buy a ticket that might get you win a return ticket from the Turkish airlines.

You can purchase raffle tickets via this link.

And here is the website for ATMA with further information about the festivals and the raffle.