The Australian Turkish community condemns the terrorist attack that cost the lives of at least 50 innocent people in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We pray for the victims and give our heartfelt condolences to everyone touched by this tragedy.

We know so well the loss and pain caused by senseless and barbaric acts of those deranged people motivated by extreme ideologies.   

We will do our best to help our New Zealander brothers and sisters, with whom we commemorate the fallen at the Gallipoli together, heal from this tragedy.  

Among the victims are three Turkish citizens, according to the authorities in Turkey.

The Australian Turkish community, with dozens of mosques across the country, is particularly concerned about the reference to Turks in the terrorist’s manifesto. These references include his views on Istanbul and the Turkish people.

ATAA Director Visits Survivors

ATAA Director Hank Evecek and a group of Turkish community leaders rushed to Chirstchurch following the attack to see how could the Turkish community in Australia help.

The statement reflects the views of some fringe elements in certain communities and hate groups in Australia and New Zealand. We are well aware that many extreme ideologies dehumanising “the others” have support in Australia and elsewhere.

As the former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull once rightfully expressed, without defeating the extreme ideologies that breed terrorists, we cannot succeed in defeating terrorism.

It is our duty, as peace-loving citizens of the world, to call out every single incident of racial profiling and culturism.

We hope the ensuing public debate will focus on the mainstream ideas and actions of those in the public domain that provide such people “legitimacy” for their actions.

We call upon politicians, community leaders and media personalities to reflect on their own views concerning sensitive issues, both contemporary, such as migration and Islamophobia, and historic.

The tragic events in Christchurch are a timely reminder to us as Australians, that regardless of our ethnic backgrounds we need to stand strong together in the face of all forms of violence, hate and extremism.

The Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance will continue to work closely with the authorities, leaders and communities to eradicate these toxic ideologies from these lands to create a better world for all.