Dear Friends,

We are watching the devastating news from Turkey for the last few weeks. PKK terrorists have broken a long standing armistice after an ISIS suicide bombing in Suruc, by killing 2 police officers.

PKK is a terrorist organisation listed by almost all of the western countries including Australia and New Zealand. Whatever the perceived justice of the cause, it is never ok to use violence or terror to achieve your aims. That is also the law. The PKK is a Marxist/Leninist  terrorist organisation and they are not the representatives of the Kurdish people. 

Australian and western media has chosen ignore the deaths of more 120 civilians and security personnel who lost their lives in the recent weeks which is utterly unacceptable. It is up to us to remind them of the worth of these lives. ATAA will do whatever it can to make sure Turkish lives are never ignored again.

On Thursday last week PKK sympathisers attended hearings at the Australian Parliament in an attempt to delist PKK as a terrorist organisation.

The PKK  lobby preposterously claimed that “PKK has never targeted civilians” and “PKK only uses violence for self defence”. Although both statements were proven to be wrong and misleading at Attorney General’s report in August 2015, this did not stop the PKK sympathisers to make these unashamed claims. They also have some supporters in parliament as a result of their lobbying.

We ask every member of our society to simply express how they feel about PKK to their federal MPs at our Contact Your MP module below.

It is important that everyone writes to their MPs with his or her own words, even a very short email will get the message across.

Simply enter your address on the form below and it will automatically provide the federal MP who represents you.

Tell them :

  • why PKK should stay on the terrorist list of Australia.
  • what they have done in the recent weeks.
  • Inform them about the Attorney General’s report on PKK (download here)

You can also provide them with a list of attacks to civilians and security personnel.


  • Hunger Strike : 49 Incidents
  • Abduction : 35 Incidents
  •  Skirmish : 14 Incidents
  • Setting (houses, shops, etc) on fire : 25 Incidents
  • Attacks to moral values : 40 Incidents
  • Woundings : 23 Incidents
  • Road Blocking : 37 Incidents
  • Attacks with fireworks : 144 Incidents
  • Shuttting down shops : 64 Incidents
  • Killings : 15 Incidents
  • Armed Attacks : 245 Incidents
  • Using molotov coctails : 479 Incidents
  • Using explosives : 305 Incidents
  • Harrasment : 50 Incidents
  • Attacks with stones : 589 Incidents
  • Mining : 10 Incidents
  • Armed threats : 35 Incidents
  • Setting vehicles on fire : 70 Incidents

TOTAL: 2219 incidents occured.

NOTE: During these incidents, 13 soldiers, 10 police officers, 1 temporary security guard and 4 civillians were killed, 69 soldiers, 151 police officers, 3 temporary security guards, 362 citizens/protesters were injured, 1 soldier, 2 police officers, 3 temporary security guards, 3 civil officers, 3 foreigners and 57 civilians were abducted; 24 civilians/protesters, and 12 PKK members were killed. Also, 5186 persons were taken into custody and 939 of them were arrested.

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