Armenian Allegations


Despite Australian Turkish community’s countless efforts of reconciliation and dialogue, not only did the Armenian Lobby in NSW deny us any opportunity to get together, they also accused the Turkish people of stifling the debate over the Events of 1915-16.

ATA-A, while refraining from politically characterising these historical events,  has never denied any historical fact about the events of 1915-16. The Armenian Lobby on the other hand, still basing their allegations on apparent frauds and false evidences, which were long discredited by historians or rejected by international courts.

At our Armenian Question Section you will find a true historical approach to the tragic events of 1915-16 which resulted in hundreds of thousands people loosing their lives from both sides.

As the Turkish Australians we believe that engaging in dialogue is the only way to tackle this conflict.

At the Q&A About the Armenian Issue section of this website you can read about our response to the Armenian claims.



This all conflict can be summarised as “a land grab and compensation claim as a result of a failed uprising sponsored by the Entente during WW1 to further weaken the Ottoman Empire”. The land and compensation claims are the core of the demands of the Armenian Lobby.

The Armenian Lobby (not surprisingly with strong affiliation to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation) is STILL claiming a land which is not and has never been theirs in the first place.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) is the very organisation which mobilised the Ottoman Armenians for the Entente sponsored Armenian Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War 1 to found an independent state (as outlined in the map above). The last leg of this revolt started just days before the ANZAC Landings in Gallipoli in the largest eastern city of Ottoman Empire, Van. As a result of this revolt the Ottoman Government, afraid of another land loss like in Bulgarian and Greek agitations, ordered the Armenian populations out of war zones to Syria, which was then still Ottoman Land.

Today ARF’s affiliates is still operating as an opposition parties in Armenia. Here are some of the allegations by these Lobby groups.