Facts : Turkey – Australia – Armenia

GDP Nominal

822.10bn USD GDP Turkey
1.56 trillion USD GDP Australia
10.43 bn USD GDP Armenia

GDP Per Capita

$10,941 GDP Turkey
$67,458 GDP Australia
$3,504 GDP Armenia


66,924 people of Turkish heritage living in Australia
16,723 people of Armenian heritage living in Australia
2011 Census


80 Million population of Turkey
25 million population of Australia
3 million population of Armenia

Trades in Goods

$496m AUD Exports to TR
$755m AUD  Imports from TR
$1,251,000,000 AUD  total

Trades in Goods

$1.4m AUD Exports to Armenia
$0.2m AUD Imports from Armenia
$1,716,000 AUD total

PR and Lobbying

$3 million Turkey
$20 million Armenia

Fiscal Balance

-4.2% of GDP Turkey
-3.0% of GDP Australia
-8.6% of GDP Armenia

Information from DFAT Country Briefs and FactCheckArmenia.com