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ATA-A was founded by all of the Turkish associations across Australia.

We have several membership types. Those are :

    • Association (Ordinary) Members Australian registered Non-profit Organisations
    • Company (Affiliate) Members Australian registered Companies or Sole Proprietors
    • Individual (Associate) Members Individuals
    • Advisory Members Our Experts appointed by the Board
    • Honorary Members Granted by the Board to those who served our community with dedication.

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There are many ways to act individually to spread our cause and advocate for your community and combat hate.

You can volunteer to become an ATA-A Advocate even though you are not an official member. For this please fill out the for below and/or sign-up to our newsletter for the latest action information in your area. Or simply visit our Take Action  page for the current action alerts.

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  • Get in touch with the people who represent you!

    Get in touch with the people who represent you  your local MP  and your Federal MP. Those in NSW, can also email their thoughts about the motion passed on May 8th. Take a couple of your neighbours and visit them, tell them about our community’s problems along with the real truth about what the hatred-lobby is trying achieve against us. ATA-A can help you arrange a meeting with your local MP and Federal MP and provide flyers and brochures. Alternatively you can download them from our The ATA-A Shop .

  • Attend our Workshops

    Attend our Workshops. ATA-A organises workshops and advocacy seminars on various subjects regularly both to discuss our current matters and to plan our mode of action. Anyone can attend those workshops, you do not have to represent an organisation or a company. We will also have some guest speakers from time to time. Find an event near you .

  • Sign our Petitions

    The Petition of Citizens of NSW

    We call on the New South Wales Parliament to stop engaging in divisive politics

    To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.

    The Petition of Citizens of NEW SOUTH WALES.

    Brings to the attention of the House;

    • On 8 May 2013, the NSW Legislative Assembly passed a motion recognising an allegation that not just Armenian’s, but now also Assyrian’s and Greek communities were subject to “qualitatively similar” genocides at the hands of the Ottoman Government between 1914-1922.

    • We the members of this Community deplore and condemn the misuse of NSW Parliament in this way. Parliament is not the place to determine any controversial historical issue, especially of Ottoman History almost a century ago.

    • The charge of genocide is a very serious one –the most serious crime that a nation can have laid against it and it is a crime clearly defined in International Law. Without a judgement issued by a competent International Court; it is not up to parliaments to pass judgement on it.

    • We condemn these motions as no more than cynical exercises aimed at garnering votes amongst certain ethnic communities. Such a vote grab only serves to ignite ethnic hatreds and bringancient grudges into modern Australian Society.

    •  We condemn the false connection made in theresolutionwhich taintsthe ANZAC-Turkishrelationship.

    The undersigned petitioners there fore ask the Legislative Assembly to understand that the NSW Parliament does not have the status of a court, nor is it in any way an academic institution. This motion is a serious over reach of the proper powers and responsibilities bestowed on our politicians by the people of NSW. We seek the above resolution to be over-turned and a public announcement be made.


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    Contact us. Feel free to contact us for any other information, request for brochures, for advise on what you should do or how you can contribute to ATA-A. ATA-A is here to listen you, find solutions together and take action.

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    Register as a volunteer. ATA-A organises many events in your area. You can register to become a volunteer to help us at our events. Please fill out the form below to register as a volunteer, we will get in touch with you soon.


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    Donate. ATA-A is a non-profit association which was founded and funded by our community. You would understand none of our events and organisations would be available without your support. Please consider making a small donation to ATA-A below. For more information visit our Donation page.

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