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09 Mar

AlJazeera Doco depicts Greek Ethnic Cleansing against Turks

From the mid-1950s until 1998, the Greek government used Article 19 of its Citizenship Code to discriminate against its own population, especially the Turkish ethnic minority in Western Thrace, Greece, but also immigrants to Turkey itself.

07 Mar

French judge assures Gül over ‘genocide denial

The head of the French high court, Jean-Louis Debré, has assured President Abdullah Gül that the French Constitutional Council’s decision to annul the bill penalizing the denial of Armenian genocide is a permanent one and will not change, the Hürriyet ...

01 Mar

Atletico Madrid FC to honor Khojaly victims

Spanish Football Club Atletico Madrid will commemorate Khojaly genocide victims in matches against Osasuna and Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid players will wear black bracelets and ribbons to show solidarity with the Azerbaijani people in remembering the victims of a massacre ...

18 Feb

Armenian leadership’s statements about peace, moral values – example of hypocrisy

The statements about peace, moral and ethical values made by the Armenian leadership, which committed the gravest crimes and ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijani people and which was directly involved in preparation and committing the Khojaly genocide, is an example of ...