Tags: "Armenian allegations"

24 Apr

Australian Turkish community fears Armenians undermine multicultural harmony.

Local politicians must stay out of international historical debates. Armenian hatred against different opinions is a threat to Australia’s multicultural harmony. Australian Turkish community ready for respectful debate, open dialogue with Armenians about the events of 1915.   This weekend, ...

20 Oct

20.10.2015 ATA Alliance welcomes the European Grand Chamber Decision on Armenian Allegation of Genocide

The European Grand Chamber affirmed the European Court of Human Rights’ invalidation of a Swiss law the criminalised disagreeing with or questioning the Armenian allegation of genocide. In the case of Perincek v. Switzerland, Turkish politician Dogu Perincek challenged Switzerland ...

18 Aug

18.09.2015 – Australian Government Reconfirms the position on the Events of 1915 on FOI Release

The Armenian lobby, in particular the Armenian National Committee (“ANC”) has for many years now been incensed that the Federal Government refuses to accept the ANC’s characterisation of the events of 1915-1916 as a ‘genocide’. Most recently, the Foreign Minister ...