Folks, it is time for Action!

Over the recent years we have seen the extremist Armenian And Greeks lobbyists desperately attacking everything “Turkish” to break the bond of friendship between Australia and Turkey. We hoped that the debate would only stay at “who owns the Baklava or Turkish coffee” but unfortunately we have seen them trying to silence academicians and free speech, making preposterous claims about the ANZAC experiences in Gallipoli, cajoling politicians into passing motions at state parliaments and more recently attacking Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey. Like a psychotic ex-partner, these hatred lobbies will not rest until Turks are in despair. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

In February, a plaque dedicated to Ataturk’s famous letter to the Anzac Mothers was erected by NSW Government at the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park in Sydney. Turkish community has flooded this monument with flowers on March 18th, the centenary of Canakkale Sea Battle victory.

This small monument in Hyde Park has drawn fire from Greek and Armenian lobby groups. They have protested this memorial in Armenian and Greek media. The language used shows a level of hate that is of concern in a community like ours. According to these groups, Ataturk was “responsible for the mass murder and forced death marches of ethnic minorities living in Turkey…[he] and his supporters carried out a wave of barbaric violence against minorities living in Turkey. This statement is so far from the truth as to be dismissed out of hand. It needs only be pointed out that Prime Minister Venizelos, the then Greek PM, who has just lost a war of invasion against Ataturk, nominated Ataturk for the Nobel Peace Prize, precisely because of the way he dealt with the issue of hostile ethnic minorities in Turkey.

We ask everyone to show their support for this memorial and send a letter to the Premier Mike Baird for expressing his support for Ataturk and this memorial.

Ask the Premier this :

“Dear Premier,

It is time for you to show your support to the Ataturk Memorial in Hyde Park in the Centenary of the Gallipoli Battle and ANZAC, when your Minister of Multiculturalism declines to do so under the influence of the extremist Greek and Armenian Lobbies.

Ataturk was a leader praised by even his enemies. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by then Greek PM Venezilos. He is not only the founder of modern Turkey he is also the founder of the great friendship of our nations! We thank the NSW Government for this memorial erected in Hyde Park, want to hear from you on this! “


Please also CONTACT your local MP

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