We call upon Bennelong MP Jerome Laxale to account for his blatant hypocrisy on humanitarian issues.  

His silence on Israel’s relentless assault on Gaza and his relentless pursuit of the dubious Armenian genocide narrative expose a man driven by political expediency, not genuine compassion. 

Mr. Laxale’s selective outrage is a stark betrayal of all those who have witnessed the immense suffering of the Palestinian people and his constituents.  

Since October 7, Mr. Laxale’s Hansard record reveals a disturbing pattern of exploiting the made-up Armenian causes for his own agenda. He has attempted to bring the events of 1915 to Parliament’s attention, while simultaneously accusing Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing in Karabakh. Yet, he has remained utterly silent on the real-life atrocities unfolding in Palestine. 

Prioritizing made-up and unsubstantiated narratives globally carried out by ultra-nationalist Armenian lobbyists over a tragedy almost unanimously condemned by international human rights community, can only be labelled as hypocrisy.  

Politicians like Mr. Laxale, who trivialize the term “genocide” for their own personal gain, are a blight on humanity’s efforts to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again. His selective exploitation of human suffering and tragedies affecting ethnic communities for political gain is reprehensible. 

Mr. Laxale’s conscience appears to be governed by self-interest, not humanitarian principles. While speaking out for the people of Gaza offers no tangible political rewards, he sees the Armenian cause as a path to votes, volunteer support, and donations. 

We note and respect those who have demonstrated unwavering moral integrity in addressing humanitarian issues. Mr. Laxale, a political opportunist who shamelessly exploits human suffering for his own gain, does not deserve our respect. 

The Australian people will not forget hypocrites like Mr. Laxale come election time.  

We will remind them of his hypocrisy, from the banks of the Parramatta River to the shores of Sydney Harbour and Pacific Ocean.