Over 130 Turkish Associations have signed a letter of appreciation to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his remarks about Ataturk and Turkish community.

On November 11th, during the Questions time Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has answered a question by ATA Alliance. In his answer he has made a special remark for the Australian Turkish Community and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, ahead of his G20 visit.

Mr Craig Laundy, who is the Chair of Australia Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group has made a commemorative statement at the Australian Parliament on November 9th, the day before the 77th commemoration of  passing of Ataturk on November 10th 1938. Craig Laundy’s speech where he calls Ataturk “a great visionary leader” so far attracted more than 70 thousand views on Facebook.

Today, more than 130 Turkish Association around the country has signed the appreciation letter for Prime Minister’s gracious remarks about the Australian Turkish community and the bond between Australia and Turkey, which also attracted thousands views and likes on the social media. Turkish Mosques across the nation will also collect signatures for the thank you letter after prayers on Friday.

On the letter the Turkish associations expresses their gratitude for Prime Minister and Mr Craig Laundy’s statements at the Australian Parliament which emphasised the vision and and the revolutionary leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey. The letter also draws attention to the reconciliation culture of the Turkish people. The letter read; “When the Turkish community saved enough to be able to build itself a mosque in Auburn, the unanimous view was that it was to be named “Gallipoli” as a mark of the bonds between our old country, and our new one.” The associations says that they are happy to see the bonds between these two nations grow and develop but the also add that they remain concerned about “those who would do their utmost to see these bonds broken.”


  • You can read the letter here

    Dear Prime Minister,

    RE: Thank you for your remarks about Australian Turkish Community  

    As the Australian Turkish Community we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your remarks about our community during the question time on Wednesday 11th November 2015. You will note that this letter has been signed on behalf of some 130 Turkish-Australian Community groups, however, its sentiments are also shared by all the approximately 150,000 Turkish-Australians living here.

    We would also like to thank you and Craig Laundy MP for both of your remarks about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

    Many Australians are familiar with his now legendary words of reconciliation, penned to the mothers of ANZAC soldiers buried at Gallipoli. Less well known is the vast amount of progress Ataturk achieved in ensuring peace and reconciliation between the new nation of Turkey and its neighbours in the region. His vision of world peace has been enshrined in one of Turkey’s national mottos, again from Ataturk: “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”. Nor is this view of Ataturk simply the view of people of Turkish heritage. World leaders like Winston Churchill recognised Ataturk’s achievements. He was in fact nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Greek Prime Minister Venizelos – who had lead Greece in its invasion and war against Turkey and Ataturk’s forces, surely a remarkable recognition of a remarkable man.

    As Turkish-Australians, we strive to live up to the ideals of reconciliation and living in harmony with our neighbours. We endeavour to contribute to the development and wealth of this nation, we try to give, as well as to learn, from the cultures that enrich this nation. When the Turkish community saved enough to be able to build itself a mosque in Auburn, the unanimous view was that it was to be named “Gallipoli” as a mark of the bonds between our old country, and our new one.

    We are happy to see the bonds between these two nations grow and develop. At the same time, however, we remain concerned that there are those who would do their utmost to see these bonds broken. This is not the place to spell out these concerns, but we do wish to highlight that these actions drive a wedge between people of Muslim and Christian backgrounds in this country. Exploiting fears, and sometimes ancient grudges, not only causes animosity toward our community, but as a correlation, is being used as a propaganda tool to try to radicalise our youth. We trust you will not allow such efforts to bear fruit.

    We would dearly like to meet with you when you have time to speak with you about issues facing our community in this country, though we appreciate you have a bit on your plate.

    Finally, we would like to thank you for kind remarks about our community in Australia, you  should know that you have won over a great many Turkish-Australians by doing so.

    Yours sincerely;

  • List of the Organisations signed this letter

    The Following organisations signed the above letter :

    ATA Alliance 

    Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

    Auburn RSL Subbranch Turkish Chapter

    Auburn Football Club

    Australia Turkish Foundation

    Australia Turkish Friendship Association

    Australia Turkish Women Solidarity Association

    Australia Turkish Islamic Federation and Association

    Australia Turkish Cypriot Welfare Association

    Australian Dance Academy

    Australia Azerbaijan Friendship Association

    Australia Denizli Association

    Australia Islamic Cultural Centres Association

    Australia Light Foundation

    Australia Turkish Community University Graduates Alliance

    Australia Turkish Education and Cultural Association

    Australia Turkish Mehter Band

    Australia Turkish Pensioners Association

    Australian Azerbaijanian Association Inc

    Australian Bulgarian Turks Association

    Australian Turkish Association

    Australian Turkish Association of Queensland

    Australian Turkish Business Chamber

    Australian Turkish Business Council

    Australian Turkish Chamber of Commerce

    Australian Turkish Cultural Platform

    Australian Turkish Historical Society

    Australian Turkish Institute

    Australian Turkish Media Group

    Australian Turkish Music Ensemble

    Australian Turkish Mutual Alliance

    Australian Turkish National Movement

    Australian Turkish Social and Cultural Foundation

    Australian Western Trace Turk Association

    Black Sea Cultural and Friendship Association

    Bonnyrigg Turkish Islamic Centre

    Broadmeadows Turkish Benevolent Association

    Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic Centre

    Canning Turkish Islamic Centre

    Coburg Turkish Benevolent and Pensioners Association

    Coburg Turkish Saturday School

    Collingwood Turkish Solidarity Association

    Cypriot Turkish Islamic Centre

    Dandenong Turkish Education and Solidarity Association

    Fitzroy Turkish Islamic Centre

    Galaxy Foundation

    Gallipoli Heath Services

    Gallipoli Welfare Society

    Gallipoli Educational Solutions

    Goulburnvale Turkish Islamic Centre

    Illawara Turkish Islamic Centre

    Islamic Centre of Newcastle

    Islamic Science and Cultural Association

    Keys borough Turkish Islamic Centre

    The Light Foundation Inc

    Melbourne Turkish Education and Solidarity Centre

    Melbourne Turkish Solidarity Charity

    Melbourne Turkish Taxi Drivers Association

    Melbourne Turkish Youth Association

    Mildura Turkish Islamic Centre

    Moreland Turkish Association

    New South Wales Australia Islamic Community Milli Görüş

    Newtown Turkish Islamic Association

    North Brunswick Turkish School

    Northern Cyprus Turkish Association

    NSW Auburn Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre

    NSW Council of Turkish Associations

    NSW Turkish Council of Turkish Association

    NSW Turkish Cultural Centre

    NSW Turkish Education and Cultural Association

    NSW Turkish Education Association

    NSW Turkish Education Council

    NSW Turkish Parents and Teachers Association

    NSW Turkish Teachers Association

    NSW Turkish Workforce and Pensioners Association

    NSW Turkish Wrestling Association

    Nur Foundation

    Prodigy Youth Association

    Queensland Australia Islamic Community Milli Görüş

    Queensland Turkish Islamic Centre

    Queensland Turkish Solidarity Association

    Redfern Islamic Centre

    Renmark Islamic Centre

    RSL Turkish Subbranch of Victoria

    Selimiye Foundation

    Semerkand Community and Youth Club Australia

    South Australia Turkish Alliance

    Springvale Turkish Islamic and Cultural Association

    St Albans Turkish School

    St Albans Turkish Womens Group

    Sunshine Turkish Elderly Group

    Sydney Turkish Islamic and Cultural Association

    Sydney Turkish Youth and Sports Club

    Thomastown Turkish Education and Islamic Association

    Thomastown Turkish Education Association

    Turkish Australian Business Chamber

    Turkish Australian Cultural House

    Turkish Blacks Association

    Turkish Cultural Centre

    Turkish Cultural Formation Group

    Turkish Festival Association

    Turkish House

    Turkish Music and Art Academy

    Turkish Pensioners Association

    Turkish Solidarity Association

    Turkish Speaking Social Workers Association

    Turkish Turkish Women Association

    Turkish University Graduates Association

    Turkish Welfare Association

    Turkish Youth Association

    Turkish Youth Association

    Victoria Australia Islamic Community Milli Görüş

    Victoria Denizli Association

    Victoria Northern Cyprus Turkish Association

    Victoria Turkish Women Association

    Victorian Cypriot Turkish Veterans Association

    Victorian Federation of Australian Association

    Victorian Sport Clubs Federation

    Victorian Turkish Community Assemble

    Victorian Turkish Teachers Association

    United Turkish Islamic Cultural Centres Inc

    Western Australia Australia Islamic Community Milli Görüş

    Western Australia Turkish Art and Culture Association

    Western Australia Turkish Association

    Western Australia Turkish Australian Friendship Association

    Western Australia Turkish Education and Cultural Association

    Western Australia Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation

    Western Australian Turkish Alliance

    Western Sydney Turkish Islamic Centre

    Western Trace Turks Islamic Association

    Whittlesea Turkish Benevolent and Pensioners Association

    Whittlesea Turkish Elderly and Pensioners Assoc.Inc

    Wollongong Turkish Association