It is been 32 years, and terrorism is still being romanticised by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian Youth Federation in Australia, who have invited convicted terrorists to Australia in the past to give lectures about a “United Armenian Agenda”.

A good example is the continued celebration of the terrorist activities of the “Lisbon 5”. In Lisbon, on 7 June 1982, Mr. Erkut Akbay, A diplomat at this embassy and his wife Nadide Akbay also employee of the embassy were killed by the Armenian terrorists in their car, in front of their home. And on 27 July 1983 a group of Armenian terrorists tried to raid the embassy and, when the attack failed, entered the residence to take hostages.Then they blew themselves up. In the incident, the wife of the chargé d’affaires, Mrs.Cahide Mihçioğlu and a Portuguese police officer Mr.Manuel Pacheco were killed. The 5 terrorists also died. The chargé d’affaires and his son were rescued, with injuries.

These 5 Armenian terrorists are dubbed the “Lisbon 5” by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and their “sacrifice” has been commemorated over the years, even in Sydney! We are aware that even current members of the NSW Parliament see fit to attend such commemorations. Regarding the attack, the ARF said, that it is “not a suicide, nor an expression of insanity, but rather our sacrifice to the altar of freedom.” It seems no one thought to ask the victims of such terrorist outrages whether they wanted to be the sacrificial lambs on this “altar”.

Armenian Youth Federation "commemoration" of Lisbon 5 Terrorists in Sydney (photo: AYF Australia)

Armenian Youth Federation “commemoration” of Lisbon 5 Terrorists in Sydney (photo: AYF Australia)

Armenian groups, throughout the 70’s and 80’s wanted to impose their version of tragic events that took place in 1915 in Eastern Anatolia on the world. Some of these groups chose terrorism to promote their allegations. Terror organizations such as ASALA and JCAG carried out many attacks on Turkish diplomats. These terrorists did not think that their victims and maybe even the parents of their victims were not born in 1915. They considered any civilians to be legitimate targets in this internationally co-ordinated campaign against Turkey and Turkish people. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, more than 30 of our diplomats and their family members were killed. This includes the Consul General in Sydney, Mr Sarik Ariyak and his aide,who were brutally assassinated on 17 December 1980 . Armenian terrorists also car bombed Turkey’s Melbourne consulate in 1986.

We condemn this type of act, whatever its motivation. There is no excuse for the taking of innocent lives to promote your own views. That such actions are celebrated today in Australia and elsewhere shows a deplorable lack of humanity and human decency on the part of the ARF and its supporters. We will always remember our martyrs with respect.