10 Dec

Kanadalı Türkler’in 100 yıldır unutulan tehciri

by Prof. Dr. Kemal ÇİÇEK


Osmanlı hükümetinin 1915’teki Ermeni tehcirini yapmasından 8 ay önce Kanada hükümeti bir ‘Savaş Önlemleri Kanunu’ çıkardı ve 200 Türk’ü Osmanlı oldukları için esir aldı.


10 Dec

Perincek vs Switzerland is post-colonialism vs post-9/11-ism


by Tal Buenos *

Freedom of expression has already won the day in Perinçek versus Switzerland thanks to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to reverse the Swiss criminalization of Doğu Perinçek’s expressed view of the past and in particular his characterization of the events of 1915 and 1916. Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights was held high.Being that the characterization of the events has been a political matter, involving both historical and legal aspects, Perinçek did not abuse rights, but rather exercised the freedom to express himself on an accusation regarding which Turks, Muslims and Turkish Muslims in Western societies cannot be expected to remain silent.


09 Dec

09.12.2014 – The Day Terrorism Came to Australia

17.12.1980 : The Day Terrorism Came to Australia

Most Australians are unaware that terrorism has already shown its ugly face on our shores. On 17 December, 1980, the “Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide”, a terrorist group with strong support amongst the Australian Armenian community assassinated the Turkish Consul General and his bodyguard. They committed this act, in their words, simply because their victims were Turks.
Almost immediately after the assassination, a woman with a heavy Armenian accent, called the Sydney Sun and said : “I have been told to give you this message. I am speaking on behalf of the Justice Commandos of Armenian Genocide [“JCAG”]. The attacks are in the retaliation for the injustice done to the Armenians by Turkey in 1915… Turks and Turkish Institutions are our targets.” And indeed they were. Almost 80 Turkish Diplomats and their family members were assassinated between 1970-1990 by Armenian Secret Army of Liberation of Armenia, “ASALA”, and JCAG. This was their “Resolution with Justice”.


SMH Front Page on December 18th 1980


05 Dec

05.12.2014 – Israeli scholar Tal Buenos delivers a momentous speech at the NSW Parliament

Tal Buenos delivers a momentous speech at NSW Parliament

Tal Buenos

ATA-A Media Release

4 December 2014

Israeli scholar Tal Buenos delivers a momentous speech at the NSW Parliament

I am not a big-time barrister in London, I am not even a recording artist. This is not a gig for me. I am committed to studying facts. I am finding them.

Israeli scholar of international politics, Tal Buenos, has taken aim at celebrity barrister, Geoffrey Robertson QC, and other media personalities who have jumped on the genocide “recognition” bandwagon.